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Our Philosophy

The DataPella Group was created to prepare organizations for the coming digital disruption that could leave operations without the needed strategy to survive. We have developed a comprehensive program to use structured and unstructured data to create a long term growth strategy. Driving value with your data is our passion.
Every Problem Has a Solution
In 2016, bad data solutions cost U.S. companies
1/3 CEOS
don’t trust the data they are using to make decisions
Digital Disruption Map

Will You Survive?

Experts in the world of digital disruption state every major industry will be disrupted within the next 5 years forcing the displacement of millions of workers due to big data technologies or corporate extinction. Many businesses will fail and only a few leaders in innovation will succeed.

The time is now to begin preparing yourself and your organization for the market changes that will force operational disruption. The Datapella Group has more than 100 years of combined experience in data solutions from its key staff to help organizations survive and thrive, develop a competitive advantage, and become innovation leaders in the world.

The 60 Second
Competitive Edge

Every 60 seconds an abundance of data is being created that highly innovative companies are leveraging to gain a competitive advantage to become thought leaders throughout the world.

How does anyone develop strategies with the velocity and volume of data that is exploding in the world. No one understands how to create a plan that is relevant for tomorrow while still trying to figure out how to gain an handle on today’s data.

The Datapella group leverages years of experience and solution models to understand your organizations data model, develop a plan of action based on verticalized successes, and provides the people, processes, and technologies needed to become highly successful leader in your industry.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube along with other social media systems create exabytes of data per day that may possess the key to your survival.
217 NEW
1,820 TB
Every second there are more than 200 new mobile users leveraging the IOT (Internet of Things) to transact online.

These customers are valuable data sources to your next great success!

Starts Now

The world of data is progressing so rapidly where most organizations are already years behind what they should have done placing them in a position of absolution failure. Every second new varieties of data are created with technologies including mobile and wearable devices that increase the volume and velocity forcing larger storage solutions, greater processing power, and more strategic minds to develop solutions to ensure continued success.

Without the proper support, organizations will continue to be challenged creating absolute uncertainty on what should be accomplished to survive.

The Datapella Group has taken the four “V”s of big data and developed a strategy focused solely on value.

Some of our Critical Services

Digital Disruption Assessment
Digital Disruption Assessment
In the next 3 - 5 years every industry will be disrupted due to the changes in data generation and management. Leading organizations are leveraging this data to develop strategies to build competitive advantages for leading their markets. Don’t fall victim to disruption. Let our team perform a full gap assessment regarding people, process, and technology and develop a roadmap to excel in the data age.
Strategy and Solution Consulting
Strategy and Solution Consulting
Big data strategy is a new focus for many organizations. Throwing money at a system without having a value driven solution defined will only create further disruption. Our team specializes in designing infrastructure, analytical, security, and operational solutions built with data as the leading value driver. Once we define a roadmap our teams will implement and guarantee success.
Cyber Security Optimization
Cyber Security Optimization
Security breaches cost the global economy trillions of dollars which disrupts operations, raises consumer prices, increases expenses, and cause a decrease in brand equity. Don’t be a victim and don’t let your customers suffer from your lack of security controls. Our teams assess, define, solve, and implement solutions that are proactive measures to minimize disruption.
Data Analytics and Systems Design
Data Analytics and Systems Design
Gathering, storing, and viewing data is only the first step in a value driven solution. Visualization across the enterprise leveraging structured and unstructured data and developing strategies to leverage the data is how to dominate in a given market. Don’t be a company that collects data. Become a company that predicts the future of success leveraging proven visualization models.

for Our Clients

Not all solutions are equal. The Datapella group is unique because we have worked with more than 1000 clients to support trillions in client capital. Every client is different requiring specialized solutions to meet the data demands of tomorrow.

The Datapella Group specializes in developing solutions based on experience that simply, work.
Paul and his team completed a complex solution upgrade for a ten year $1.5B hospital expansion program. The data solution was seamless for our project team and over 430 users. Paul's expertise and leadership enabled our team to streamline major program management work processes.
Paul and his team consistently exceeded my expectations on this program. I would recommend Paul on other programs and projects.
John Morton, Project Controls at SVT

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