What is Datapella

DataPella is a digital and predictive innovation company delivering solutions for global clients focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, development, and delivery.

DataPella is dedicated to supporting clients with overcoming the challenges with digital and predictive innovations. Supported by an advanced artificial intelligence engine designed to decrease the workload for each team member and accelerate the decision process.

Spend less time, make better decisions, generate instant IMPACT!

DataPella started in 2015 at Rutgers University, with a team of 17 data scientists, initially set to create the most advanced training program for executives to solve big data challenges. Over a 24-month period, the team decided to initiate DataPella, the first of its kind operation for supporting clients with solving some of the most complex digital and predictive challenges.

Our Clients

Our clients range from startups to multi-national companies who leverage the DataPella IOD model as their primary team, staff extension and augmentation, external auditor, or even as a mentoring model. In addition, many of our clients extend their own solutions with DataPella Portals to better support their decision engine.

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